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Fall Literacy Night: November 19th at Viewmont High School

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School Library Mission Statement

MPJH library's mission is to provide a safe environment that empowers students and staff to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information.

Join our Davis community by reading on Read Across Davis day
March 2, 2018

E-Books from MPJH library

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OVERDRIVE IS A .COM PROGRAM THAT COMBINES DAVIS DISTRICT LIBRARY DATABASE (eBooks, audiobooks and streaming videos) WITH Mpjh librarys database. Overdrive allows the user to download any of the offerings/collections that are found in the mpjh or Davis district library database.

THE EASIST AND BEST WAY TO ACCESS OVERDRIVE: http://davis.lib.overdrive,com


Student log-in

  • username: Same as your computer log-in

  • password: student pin number

teacher log-in

  • username: encore username (lower case)

  • password: encore username (all caps)

practice makes perfection

ok, you will not become perrect, just better

overdrive does have a help section . The distric has changed some of the items so the overdrive help is not perfect. however, the district has a help link that is good to use

reading device set up

when you log-in you can down load the overdrive app and/of set up your device for the correct format. the search engine is by subject, topic, reading level, curriculum based; also include in the app is writing helps, vocab help, sentince structure help and a lot other helps. your check-outs are returned by overdrive after two weeks time. the district data base consists of over 1000 items. and it keeps growing.