New Student FAQs

Mueller Park Jr. High School New Student  


1.         How will parents receive information from the school? 
Watch for emails from mparkoffice for information you will need. Check the school website often. Voice calls will also be used from time to time with important reminders. Much information is available in my.DSD through a guardian account. See the school website on how to get a guardian account. 

2.        How are lockers assigned? 
Students will be assigned individual lockers on a random basis. Seventh graders typically have the lower lockers. Locker assignments and combinations will be available in my.DSD in mid-August. 

3.        How does the A/B block schedule work? 
Students will attend periods 1-4 on A day and periods 5-8 on B day. Advisory/Panther Time is period 9 at 2:25 Monday through Thursday, regardless of whether it is A or B day. 

There is no Advisory/Panther Time on Fridays due to the 2:00 dismissal. Mueller Park Jr. High follows the Davis School District A/B day calendar. 

4.        What Is Advisory/Panther Time? 
Students are assigned an Advisory teacher for 9th period. They will attend Advisory until Panther Time is implemented about week 2 or 3 of the school year. Panther Time is an intervention time for students to access their teachers for additional support. 

5.        How will my student know which lunch to attend? How can I pay for school lunch? 
Lunches are assigned based on which classes students have periods 3 and 7. Students will be told which lunch to attend on the first day of school. Payment for lunch may be made in my.DSD. Students may also bring home lunches. 

6.        Can my student come to the school to locate classes and practice opening a locker before school starts? 
Yes! We hope your student will come to Seventh Grade Camp in the middle of August. We will communicate more about that later. 

7.        When do I pay registration fees? 
Required registration fees are due prior to the release of class schedules. Class fees will be assessed after class schedule change day.  If your student enrolls after school starts, registration fees are due at the time of enrollment.  Registration fees can be paid through you’re my.DSD guardian account or in the office. 

8.         How do I purchase PE clothes? 
PE clothes may be brought from home (blue shorts & white t-shirt) or purchased at the school in the main office or online in my.DSD. Teachers will communicate about clothing requirements.  

9.        How can my student get Involved? 
There are several clubs, activities and athletic opportunities at Mueller Park Jr. High School. Announcements will be made over the PA about upcoming activities. Weekly announcements can also be found on the school website. See below for a non-exhaustive list. 

Art Club C
Creative Writing Club  
Math Club 
Musical Theater Club 
National Academic League (NAL) 
National Junior Honor Society (by invitation)  
School Musical 
Girls Volleyball 
Boys Basketball 
Girls Basketball 
Girls Track and Field 
Boys Track and Field  

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