String Crafts: Club focus is on developing arts and crafts skills. The club meets every other Monday at 3 pm in Mrs. Rigby's room. Ms. Rigby is the advisor.

Skittles Club: Meetings will be in Mrs. Anderson's room and she serves as the advisor.

K-Pop Club: Learn choreography, watch music videos, and trade photo cards.  They meet every Thursday from 3-4 pm in Mrs. Wiemer's room. The advisor will be Mrs. Wiemers.

D&D Club: This club's advisors are Mr. Ence and Ms. Shephard. They meet every Monday from 3-4 pm in room 206.

Esports: Meets Monday after school in the library.  Mr. Goaslind is the advisory.

National Junior Honor Society: Club focus is based upon service to community and academics.  Ms. Beeton is the advisor.

Davis Academic League: This club is replacing the National Academic League and Ms. Ord is the advisor. 

Vex Robotics: Club focus is to help students learn to build and compete in the Vex robotics learning and competitions.  Mr.Turner is the advisor. 

*Tutoring bus is available for all club participants Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It departs at 4 PM.